SLOW LIFE Card rules

We do not have any discounts, however you can get something pleasant with a card:

1. On Saturdays, you can have any soup on the menu with the card. Soup cannot be ordered for delivery or takeaway.

2. If you decide to celebrate your birthday in our cafe, we will treat you with a bottle of champagne. But only once during this week.

3.If you have children and you want to celebrate their birthday in our cafe, we will be glad to treat all your company with ice cream. Any kind from the menu, without any restrictions.

4. Every day until 11:00 in a cafe you can drink a cup of coffee. Any kind you choose is absolutely free. The offer is not valid if you want to take coffee to go. Unfortunately, some cafes do not work in the morning, but the schedule is changing.

5. If you ate and drank in our cafes for 25,000 rubles, then you are expected to have a nice gift - a bottle of any wine from our wine list. Yes, even the most expensive one. In the pub - a bottle of Jameson whiskey. Instead of wine or whiskey, you can get a certificate for 2000 rubles delivery. *

6. The card is now valid in all of FABRIKA restaurant association projects: at Georgian cafes Hachapuri, at Odessa-Mama, at Moroccan Tagine and at the English pub Pig and Rose.

7. With the order from any menu on our catering website we will bring you free alcohol. Even whiskey at the barbecue! For all guests.

* Wine can be selected and taken at the cafe where you have reached 25,000 rubles. At Tagine you can choose any bottle among the wines that we sell by the glass.

The card does not have an expiration date, but we ask you to visit us at least once every six months, otherwise the card will cease to operate.

Please note that the rules of SlowLife card are the subject to change.

Stay tuned for updates on this page - maybe we will come up with something else soon.